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5 tips to convert a casual visit into a loyal follower

Ascend 7 - Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Content has a very powerful way of engaging and influencing your audience. But design has the ability to transport readers to an enjoyable environment for the content to be delivered through.

Let’s have a look at some simple tips you can use to help boost your audience!

1. At the end of every blog post, make it visible at the bottom of the page for visitor’s to subscribe to your newsletter signup. The visitors who stick around and read the whole blog post are more likely to give you their email address so they can find out more from you.

2. Make your newsletter sign up box stand out, you want to draw attention to the sign up box.

3. The blog itself should encourage the exploration of your other articles. These visitors came for the content; they can discover your products later. Another great idea is to have a list of popular posts that other people have read and enjoyed. The idea is to direct traffic to your most popular blog.

4. Engaging images impact audiences instantly, but you don’t have to limit your blog to images, add illustrations, diagrams and graphs to help convey your message.

5. Add social sharing buttons that remain visible. Make sure you are targeting your audience with the social media’s you are using. 

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