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Tuesday nights are the time to stay in and shop!

Ascend 7 - Thursday, May 07, 2015

Who knew Tuesday night is online shopping night?

Apparently online shoppers are most active between 6pm and 9pm on any given night, but Tuesday is the most popular day of the week for online shopping.

This is according to the latest figures released by eWay (one of Australia’s largest online payments providers) this week.

eWay says online retail spending in Australia is surging again. For the first quarter of this year, Australia had a total online spend of $4.37billion. That’s well ahead of the same time last year, and only just less than the October-December quarter of last year which is boosted by Christmas shopping.

Omnichannel retailing

What does eWay attribute this surge too? The Australian dollar is helping, especially with international online exporting, but they believe it’s because more businesses are realising the potential of omnichannel retailing.

Omni-what I hear you ask? It’s basically using any method to transact with a customer – retail store, online store, mobile store, app store, telephone, social media… If your customers can find you online, and then purchase, then you’re “omnichannelling”. 

Mobile friendliness and Google

But here’s another interesting thing that’s just happened in the land of search engines, that is relevant to omnichannelling. Google announced a new algorithm in February which is being referred to as “Mobilegeddon”. Basically, Google is now rating mobile-friendliness as a huge factor in search rankings. Because smartphones and tablets account for a vast majority of online searching now, Google is favouring sites with large text, easily clickable links, and optimized sizes that fit the smaller screen of phones. Pages that aren’t mobile-friendly will be demoted in their rankings, which likely means a drop in traffic from a mobile audience.

So if your key selling pages on your website aren’t mobile-friendly, then there’s a pretty good chance Google isn’t going to rank them highly in searches. Which means your customers and potential customers aren’t going to find your site, on Tuesday nights, while they’re sitting at home wondering what to buy!

Ask us about optimising your website for all screen sizes (responsive web design).

(Sources: “Online retail up 22% in Q1 2015” and “Google “Mobilegeddon” has officially arrived” 21/4/15)

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