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Ascend 7 provides eBusiness consulting services that raise performance by making innovative use of business systems. We are focused on assisting our clients to get the most from their existing resources by using technology effectively.

Our consultants are highly skilled in providing business solutions to complement or enhance existing processes and systems.

How we can help you

Ascend 7's online business system solutions include:

A7 Business Solutions   Certification Management Systems 
Document management to help your business achieve ISO or AS certification standards – Learn more about A7BMS
A7 Business Solutions   Board Information Systems
Facilitate easy, secure information sharing between staff and Board members, staff and Directors, or staff and local government councillors - Learn more about A7BIS
A7 Business Solutions   Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems  
Managing customer data, getting to know your clients, and using that knowledge to serve them better and win more business – Learn more about A7CRM
A7 Business Solutions   Business Documentation Systems
Business process charting services for effective business management, control, and improvement – Learn more about A7CHART
A7 Business Solutions   Business Intranets 
Information portals for employees to enable document management, and information sharing and tracking - Learn more about A7BMS
A7 Business Solutions   Human Resources Management Systems 
Managing payroll, leave, and training registers - Learn more about A7BMS
A7 Business Solutions   Online Surveys
Enabling you to easily gather vital data via surveys and polls - Learn more about A7ASK
A7 Business Solutions  

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
Simplify and streamline the core business processes of an entire organisation with an online system that features a full range of business functionalities - Ask us about A7ERP

A7 Business Solutions   Bespoke Systems
Loyalty schemes, content management systems, online stores - Ask us about designing and implementing an online system for you

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