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Streamlining your social media activity with Hootsuite

You know you need to do more social media but you don’t have the time or inclination to post onto all the platforms!

Hootsuite can help streamline your business

Hootsuite is a subscription-based social media management system, for any sized business. Perhaps the biggest benefit of Hootsuite is that you can manage all your social media channels - including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google My Business, and reviews – from one tool. Hootsuite allows you to:

Schedule posts

A great feature of Hootsuite is that you can do the posting to all your social media channels from the one tool, and even schedule them to go out according to preferred visitor timings or your marketing activity.

Monitor followers and viewers

You create “streams” in Hootsuite for your social media channels, which is where you can keep track of interactions, mentions, followers and likes. You can also keep track of key phrases and terms in your users’ posts and reviews.

Manage team access

Hootsuite is also useful if you more than one person managing your social media. With one login required to enter Hootsuite you don’t have to worry about multiple passwords and security to each individual social media channel, plus the team management facility allows you to see who has posted or responded to each channel.

Access statistics

The analytics data is easily viewed, so you can see how well your social media strategy is working.

Respond quickly to customer service enquiries

You are able to view questions, respond, and even store responses to frequently asked questions.

Get clever with apps and extensions

There’s a MailChimp app so you can share and track your email campaigns.

There’s also a Hootlet plug-in button (for Chrome users), which is a bookmark tool. As you find something online that you’d like to share with your followers or viewers, click the Hootlet button and it shortens the URL, inserts a small snippet of prominent text from the site, and creates a social media post for you. Neato!

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