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Automating regular tasks can help streamline your business

Do you find every week that there’s something you forgot to do, or wished you had been reminded about, or that you find really tedious?

Microsoft Power Automate can streamline your business

Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) is a cloud-based service to enable users to create and automate those processes and actions that are repetitive, and which normally take time and effort to complete. Power Automate is available as part of Microsoft Office 365 and easily integrates with Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, and Microsoft Office products.

It forms part of the modern intranet: Teams plus Sharepoint plus Power Platform. It's a way for companies of all sizes to build professional, custom apps to solve their challenges for staff and better business processes.

Power Automate easily allows you to automate workflows between applications and services, so you can get notified, synched, gather data, or whatever may be a repetitive task in your day-to-day work. It can save time, keep processes consistent and allow fast decision making. Here’s some examples of what could be automated in your office:

  • Automatically save email attachments
  • Manage holiday requests and approvals
  • Receive notification that a new document has been updated to a project file (eg in Sharepoint or Teams), request approval, and then notify team members (eg by Teams)
  • Receive push notifications that you’ve received an email from a VIP
  • Receive push notifications that social media posts have been made containing important keywords
  • Create an event in your personal calendar when an appointment is booked in your office calendar
  • Send notifications, alerts, reminders to your mobile phone
  • Data collection
  • Notifications and reminders about new leads in your CRM

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