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Collaborating challenges when working from home

Do you have a small staff or your team is working remotely, and need to collaborate regularly?

Microsoft TEAMS, OneDrive and Sharepoint can streamline your business


Microsoft TEAMS is a chat-based, collaborative platform that is used for document sharing and online meetings. TEAMS comes with a paid Microsoft Office 365 commercial subscription, but you can also sign-up for free via the Microsoft website or download TEAMS from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for Android.

TEAMS lets your staff stay organised and have conversations, all in the one place. You can:

  • Create teams (or channels) for projects, functions, and file types (eg photos)
  • Store documents and create a document library via SharePoint*
  • Share files
  • Chat (message) with members of each team
  • Hold meetings and share screens
  • Use video conferencing and audio conferencing
  • Use the planner to manage tasks, projects, and workloads
  • Integrate with other business systems eg Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Office, and literally hundreds of other apps out there that may make your day-to-day work better

TEAMS is especially good for “internal” collaboration where staff are working at different locations. And it is arguably more responsive and faster than email and phone calls.


OneDrive is part of the Microsoft Office suite – it comes with Office 365 or is available from the Microsoft website. OneDrive is your own personal storage space. No-one can see a document or file in your OneDrive account, until you choose to share it by uploading to Sharepoint (or Teams).

You should store files in your OneDrive account that are work-related and ultimately need to be uploaded into the company’s Sharepoint file system (ie not stored long-term on your devices’ local drive). You can access your OneDrive account on any device by logging into Microsoft or Office 365.

OneDrive is secure and private (assuming you have a robust password, secure hardware, and your file sharing practices are appropriate).


Sharepoint is part of the Microsoft Office suite – it comes with Office 365 or is available from the Microsoft website.

It is a web-based (intranet) system for documents, files and images, to enable collaboration, secure sharing, content management, and workflow collaboration. It uses workflow applications, list databases, and other web parts to enable document sharing, search functionality, content collaboration, and intranet capabilities. It is a large file storage tool and perfect for businesses whose staff need to collaborate online (instead of by phone).

Sharepoint also easily integrates with other Microsoft Office tools eg spreadsheets, presentations and Word documents. It “sits behind” Microsoft Teams.

Sharepoint is in the cloud and is backed up and encrypted by Microsoft so is secure (again, assuming your file sharing practices and access permissions are appropriate).

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