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Utari joins our team

Hi, my name is Utari Mijayanti.

I have recently started working at Ascend 7 as a Marketing Coordinator. I am very thrilled to work with the Ascend 7 team. I have learnt so much about our clients' needs and how we at Ascend 7 can support them in solving their problems and achieving their goals. My primary role includes supporting the development and execution of marketing plans, creating and managing digital marketing campaigns and collateral, and supporting the marketing administration.

My background is that I have completed my undergraduate degree in Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Management at Edith Cowan University. I am very passionate about marketing, branding, digital marketing, business, and content writing. I have written various articles and blogs from different fields such as marketing, businesses, sustainability, and lifestyle.

During the last year of my undergraduate degree, I had the opportunity to undertake two internships at 3 Am Ideas Digital Marketing Agency and Clubs WA. It allowed me to gain a great deal of experience and develop skills in diverse areas such as business development, administration, strategic business plans, and digital marketing, including social media, content writing, WordPress, SEO, and e-newsletter. Through the internship program, I had the opportunity to receive the Commonwealth Bank of Australia student prize to recognise a student who showed outstanding performance during the work placement.

I have also been involved in an industrial project with Synergy in promoting their green energy products and received a finalist award. This experience allowed me to acquire many skillsets, such as coming up with creative ideas, creating promotional marketing campaigns, collaborating with a team, and delivering a high-quality industrial assignment.

I am excited to be working with the Ascend 7 team and looking forward to learning and working more with our clients and supporting them in achieving their business objectives.