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Ensure one source of truth with consistent and accurate product information


Improve your operational efficiency when generating product, marketing and support content


Deliver engaging and powerful product based customer experiences

Product Information Management (PIM)

Ascend 7's PIM solution puts all your brand and product information, assets and media in one place, reduces your effort to manage and maintain, keeps your different sales channels up to date and streamlines generation of catalogues, brochures, technical specifications, price-lists and other marketing collateral.

We can transform your business

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Ascend 7's PIM solution

A PIM solution will be tailored to fit your business and to integrate with your existing systems (such as your website/ecommerce, accounting and CRM software) - it can be an off-the-shelf solution or created bespoke. With an effective PIM, you can create engaging product catalogues, product brochures and other product collateral that can be distributed to your sales and eCommerce channels with the press of a button. 

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Sales Layer

Ascend 7 has partnered with Sales Layer to provide an effective, configurable PIM solution to solve your product and catalogue challenges.

A Sales Layer PIM empowers people and partners with timely product information - businesses take control of their catalogues, turning online shops into truly online businesses.