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​Ascend 7 is a RocketSpark Silver Partner

We spent a few years looking for a platform that would meet our exacting requirements for an easy to use and maintain web development system.

We had quite a few requirements to ensure the platform would be ideal for our clients and their needs, including:

  • Designed with the site owner in mind, so it looks great, is easy to update, is stable and secure and doesn't require a lot of maintenance behind the scenes - everything WordPress isn't!
  • Mobile and Desktop focussed
  • Locally hosted
  • Backed by good quality technical support
  • Product Roadmap for new features and improvements

We have now built more than 20 sites using RocketSpark and love the way the platform is always improving, the great support we receive and just how easy it is to build, support and maintain sites.

Our focus on enduring relationships with our clients means we don't build and forget sites.  We want the site to provide many years of faithful service whilst being flexible enough to evolve with the changing needs of the business.

Website should be dynamic, not static like a brochure, and the ability for the website owner to update the content is critical to the website's success.  

RocketSpark meets all these requirements and we are proud to be a RocketSpark Silver Partner.