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Raise your online profile with a new-look, better-functioning website

Is it time to RENEW or REFRESH your website?

Does your business need...

  • a professionally designed, yet affordable website?

  • your in-house team to be able to manage your website content?

  • to optimise your web pages for great search engine results?

  • ongoing support from a local team of experts?

Ascend 7 is a Perth-based web design and digital transformation consultancy who can help you build an easy-to-use website for all your business needs.

We like web design that is fast, affordable, and beautifully simple so our clients can just get on with their business. That's why we recommend the Rocketspark website builder (read more below). 

Let us know how we can help take you to the next level.

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Thanks for reaching out. We will contact you to organise a meeting to discuss your needs.

Rocketspark Logo

Beautifully simple websites with Rocketspark

Some of Rocketspark's great features include:


...for anyone of any skill level – you don't need to be a web expert to use it. 

It’s fast and easy to update content with simple functions to reuse content like "Copy” and “Duplicate”.

Blogs are easy to manage, and it has a consistent, intuitive interface throughout.

Helps You Get Found

The built-in search engine optimisation (SEO) tools are easy to use and create great results for the traffic on your web pages.

Social Media Integration

Sites are designed to link easily to social media platforms like LinkedIn Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Reliable Performance

Automatic platform updates keep your site always running at its optimum speed, and downloading/uploading is never affected by bandwidth limits (depends on your broadband plan).


With an Australian-hosted server, your data stays onshore.

You also get unlimited storage:

  • upload as many images on pages as you like

  • have as many pages as you like

  • as many blog posts as you like

Better than...

Other website software, such as Wix & WordPress, are complicated to manage and update content.

With zero plugins to manage and update, Rocketspark gives you simple design options, yet still gives you complete customisation options to make your site look perfect... easily.

Some of the companies we've built Rocketspark sites for


1300 211 127


11/24 Parkland Rd
Osborne Park  WA  6017

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Thanks for contact Ascend 7. We will be in touch within the next business day.