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About Ascend 7

Your local digital marketing partner

Ascend 7 has been operating since 2009 and in this time has learnt and adapted to what our clients want and what we can sustainably deliver. We have fine-tuned our business to focus on providing solutions to help businesses grow their marketing efforts more easily - through effective product data management (PIM systems for companies with large amounts of product data), and digital marketing services (providing professional websites, ecommerce platforms and online marketing) for small-to-medium size companies.

Recently, Ascend 7 formed a joint venture with Managed IT to create Managed Digital- to provide digital transformation solutions for medium to large organisations. We welcome this opportunity to expand our service offering to a new range of clients.

We believe what differentiates Ascend 7 from our competitors is that we focus on:

  • Creating enduring partnerships with our clients. We aren't interested in building a solution and walking away.  
  • Practical, cost effective solutions to ensure a business can move to the next level of sales, marketing, branding, or streamlined operations.
  • Providing training and ongoing support so businesses get a return on their investment.

Our aim at Ascend 7 is to continue to improve the offerings we have through being more focused on what we are good at. 

We look forward to working with you soon.

Rox Dawson BSc MACS

Rox Dawson CEO of Ascend 7 eBusiness/ e commerce Consultancy Firm

Our clients

Ascend 7's head office is in Perth, Western Australia and we service clients all over Australia. 

Our clients represent a range of industries including:

  • Business and professional
  • Finance and insurance
  • Construction and housing
  • Cultural & recreational
  • Education
  • Health and community services
  • Mining and processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Property
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Hospitality