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Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

Together with technology, businesses are evolving rapidly and to remain competitive they need to innovate, disrupt and change.
Ascend 7 understands businesses and technology, and with a wealth of experience successfully implementing innovative and practical solutions to everyday business challenges, we are the ideal partner to assist your business during its digital transformation.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Assisting you to take control of your product information and catalogues, Ascend7’s PIM solution means an end to inconsistent product information, image library headaches, and out-of-date technical data - your sales and marketing team can get on with their job of selling and branding .

Online Shops

Ascend 7 is Perth's eCommerce expert - building online shops that work.

We help businesses get up and running fast, make the most of your online shop, and ultimately raise your online business performance.

Professional Websites

Ascend 7 is a professional eBusiness solutions consultancy offering the full range of online and design services to ensure your online presence generates leads which convert to sales. We are more than a web design shop or a graphic design house.

Tangible business improvements

Ascend 7 is focused on improving businesses through effective integration of online systems with your existing business systems and processes - eCommerce, product information management, customer relationship management, Office 365 tools, business process automation.


Ascend 7 builds and integrates with Application Programming Interfaces (what us nerds call APIs), helping data, information and knowledge flow faster between different systems, reducing labour, rework and integrity issues.

Ongoing Support

We don't just build your online solutions, we also support you into the longer term.  Ascend 7 is your online solutions partner.

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