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Ascend7 is a Perth-based digital transformation agency, working with our clients on their digital maturity journey.
We specialise in digital transformation, product information management, websites and digital marketing, and eCommerce.


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AI, online shopping, and the importance of good product data

AI is changing just about everything, including online shopping. It's enhancing personalization, convenience, efficiency, and security, and ultimately providing a more seamless and enjoyable shoppingRead more

Have you thought about your data’s privacy and security before using ChatGPT?

If you’re using ChatGPT to write up reports, translations, research, social posts, client emails, and even internal emails, be careful what information you put into the query before you press SEND.Read more

Why you should turn on Microsoft’s multi-factor authentication if asked

If you’re a Microsoft customer (you have a Microsoft account), you may have been asked recently to turn on multi-factor authentication (MFA) when you’re using certain applications. If you’reRead more

Showcase sustainability with effective product descriptions

Did you know… 51% of customers would shop again from a retailer with sustainable or ethical practices? (Source: Power Retail 26/2/24) Consumers are definitely shifting their spending towardsRead more

Ensuring successful implementations in medium sized organisations

Recently I have been musing about ensuring successful system implementations in medium sized organisations. As a system implementor I am always a little nervous that the systems being implementedRead more

What is a digital transformation assessment?

The roadmap for your digital transformation journey...Read more

The positive impact of Google Reviews - 7 reasons why

Google reviews are crucial for any business. They influence consumer decisions and search rankings, provide valuable feedback, establish trust and credibility, and help manage your online reputation.Read more

Help! Our website isn’t performing!

It's time for a website refresh, and maybe migration to a better platformRead more

7 Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Inform and Persuade Customers

Writing product descriptions are often overlooked by entrepreneurs and people who run an eCommerce site but should be considered one of the most crucial marketing tools to compel potential buyers toRead more

Are we in need of a digital transformation?

If you’re asking this question, then the answer is probably YES because you’re already on the right page (literally and spiritually). Congratulations for getting here! There’s a few signs toRead more

7 mistakes to avoid when running an eCommerce store

Getting into eCommerce has been one of the best educational experiences of your life. The things you learn by actually starting a business would be challenging to find in an MBA or any businessRead more

Enhanced user experience features

Rocketspark is always looking at ways to improve the platform to sharpen the user’s experience and make content updates quick and easy.  The latest new features now available on the RocketsparkRead more

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