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Unlock Your Product Data Potential

A Product Information Management (PIM) system is a solution that offers your business a single place to accumulate, manage, store and improve all the data related to the marketing, selling, and after sales support of your products.

With the right PIM software, you can have all the product data in one place, available to all areas of your business, so you can all easily access the most up-to-date/accurate versions of descriptions, images, videos, prices… anything that is needed to create engaging product catalogues, brochures, technical reports, and other collateral to be distributed to your sales and eCommerce channels.

Ask us how a PIM can transform your product data headaches.

Ascend 7 is a certified Sales Layer partner, and product data experts.  We can transform your product data into product intelligence.


Discover how the Sales Layer PIM can transform your product data today

Transform Your Data
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Our Latest PIM Implementation – Enware

“Ascend 7 were really easy to work with. They were skilled in liaising and dealing with challenges around complex processes while always having the big picture in mind. They used simple processes to make it easy for our team, which got Enware to the end destination with small bite-size pieces of work. Ascend 7 is the first technical partner, who I’ve personally worked with, that has under-promised and over-delivered. And we would absolutely recommend Sales Layer as a PIM solution to other businesses like ours.”

Avril-Summer Cusack - Marketing and Communications Manager, Enware

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