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Taking your online marketing to the next level


Ascend 7 offers a full range of online and design services to ensure your online presence generates leads which convert to sales. We specialise in providing digital marketing for small business and community organisations.

Affordable Professional Websites

Do you need a professionally developed and designed, yet affordable website, hosted in Australia?

Is your aim to acquire new clients, customers or members? Do you also want to manage your website content to keep control of what is being uploaded, and to keep costs down? Are you looking for ongoing support from a locally-based team of experts?

Ascend 7 is a Perth-based web design and digital transformation consultancy.

We create beautifully simple websites for our clients using professional CMSs (Content Management Systems) that provides sophisticated functionality, yet still allows for you to easily manage and update content as you need.

Our professional websites are collaboratively designed and developed by our team of in-house developers, graphic designers, copywriters and marketing experts.

Our websites are designed to attract and support customers, while...

  • tailored to suit the budget, functionality requirements, and level of expertise, of your business.

  • efficiently automating regular business tasks and streamlining you processes.

  • facilitating two-way communication with your clients and potential clients.

Moving away from WordPress

Ascend 7 recommends Rocketspark or Siteglide as the best alternative to WordPress - we do not build WordPress sites, but we can assist your business to move from Wordpress to our recommended CMS.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

To improve website performance

With your website or blog, it is critical to reach your target audience. SEO is all about structuring your site so that search engines can see it and it appears as high up the rankings as possible. Higher rankings give you more organic traffic, which in turn enables you to reach more people, resulting in better website performance.

Ascend 7 has a team of SEO experts. We have a range of expert tools that enable us to monitor your site’s SEO performance, rectify issues and undertake the actions required to generate more traffic for your site through improved search engine rankings. Ask us about a free SEO report to get things started.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

To improve visibility

Online marketing, or search engine marketing, is focused on getting visitors to your site so you can sell to them or get them to interact with your business in some way. And most people find your website via search engines.

You can undertake search engine marketing in two ways:

1. Improve the visibility of your website in search engines so that your site appears on the first page of natural search results (organic searching) – you can do this with search engine optimisation and quality content (e.g. blogs).

2. Pay for online advertising, so your site is advertised when web users search for your type of product or service – you can do this with Google Adwords and LinkedIn campaigns

Ascend 7 can take the mystery out of search engine marketing. You don’t always have to spend more money to get good search engine results – there are digital communication techniques based around quality content, social media links, and email campaigns.

Digital Communications

To extend your reach

For better website performance, and to support your sales or branding goals, we can provide digital communications including:

  • social media marketing

  • email marketing and newsletters

  • customer relationship management (CRM) – set up and manage your customer databases

  • blog articles and website content


Ascend 7 seeks enduring relationships with our clients, so we provide a wide range of support services that will help make your business successful, month after month, year after year.