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Needing a Digital Transformation

Comsupply has been supplying architectural components, hardware and aluminium systems to the Western Australian building, glazing and security industries for over 40 years. Comsupply has over 3,000 products but until recently they were only able to showcase their product range via a paper-based (PDF) catalogue while highlighting major product ranges on their website.

Comsupply also wasn’t able to easily capture all their customer’s information for future marketing purposes. Plus the manual processes for creating a customer account was time consuming.

So they realised they needed a digital transformation to improve all of these systems and processes.

Online Shop, Multi-System Integration

Ascend 7 developed an integration between the Comsupply website, a new e-commerce site, and the existing Comsupply Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system using Microsoft Office 365 (Power Apps and Sharepoint) and a newly developed application (app).

Elements of the integration included:

  • integrating the existing website and the new e-commerce store

  • customers being able to browse products available in the e-commerce store via the website

  • improving navigation on the website

  • adding a Trade debtor account sign up to the website

  • developing a Trade Desk app (available onsite at Comsupply via an iPad) so their customers could create a Trade account or look up their debtor code to place orders in person

  • directly linking the Trade Desk app to the Comsupply ERP

As part of the project, Comsupply was very keen to enhance their customers’ commerce experience to:

  • make it easier and quicker for customers to create a trade account when they physically visited Comsupply’s warehouse

  • search for their account information

  • look up their Trade debtor code to order products

  • automatically add any newly registered Trade accounts into the ERP

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Improved Business Processes & Customer Experiences

This project demonstrates how technology can enhance the customers’ commerce experience, plus enabled Comsupply to easily capture their customer’s information as well as interact with their customers in ways they previously couldn’t. 

With over 3,000 products now able to be ordered via their e-commerce store, Comsupply is also now easily able to showcase their ever growing range of product effectively and efficiently.