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Johnston Lakes Nickel Conference Booth front

Discover Johnston Lakes Nickel

Johnston Lakes Nickel attended the Paydirt Battery Minerals Conference in March. The purpose of their booth was to introduce the company and highlight their current drilling projects for potential investors.

Finding a balance between impact and information was essential to not only attract the audience, but hold their attention. Vital information was centered around eye level and detailed maps needed to be clearly distinguishable and legible.

The high quality designs were produced at large dimensions to ensure perfect clarity of the photographs and maps, even at such a large scale.

A Lasting Impression

A well laid out booth isn't complete with something the audience can take away. Whether that's business cards, branded stationery or in this case, an A5 flyer. The benefit of the flyer was the information could be reiterated as well as the company details. 

Acting as a business card for the company, as well as it's director and chairman, the flyers were produced in bulk and distributed at the event. A resource like this is always a worthy investment, as it can be printed in bulk for a relatively low price, and reused for other events.

Our team of digital designers are well versed in designing for print. Our team not only designed the posters and flyers, but happily arranged the printing on Johnston Lakes Nickel's behalf.