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Integrate Shopify with your business processes

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Why Use Shopify

We have constantly seen a need to make building an eCommerce offering and manage the online store more effortless. That's why we love Shopify, especially how it empowers individuals to easily start, run, and grow an online business.

Some of Shopify's features include:

  • Storefront 

  • Shopping cart

  • Store management

  • Marketing & SEO

  • Products

  • Web Hosting

  • Analytics 

  • Mobile App

  • 24/7 Support

Integrate Shopify seamlessly with your business processes

Managing an online shop should not be another burden to your busy day - it should integrate with your existing business systems and generate transactions, workflows, and inventory management with ease.

If you need assistance to integrate Shopify with the rest of your business, talk to the team at Ascend 7.

Integrate Shopify to your business

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