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Sales Layer


Centralise, enrich and connect product data with Sales Layer PIM

Why choose Sales Layer?

Sales Layer stands as the most user-friendly PIM, with the highest customer satisfaction rating on G2 and Capterra.

This PIM software leads the industry in support, and providing consistent training and assistance.

  • efficient 6 weeks onboarding

  • 4x faster go-to-market

  • 10+ million SKUs available

  • 80% increase in efficiency

  • 30% increase in conversions

  • 20% decrease in returns

Ascend 7 is a Certified Sales Layer Partner

Ascend 7 i s an Australian- based, certified Sales Layer Partner, with a proven record of enabling companies to achieve remarkable results through the successful implementation of PIM systems.

See what some of our PIM clients have to say:

"Ascend 7 took the time to understand the needs of our business right from the start. They were there at every stage to ensure our PIM project was on time and achieved the best possible outcome for us." 
Matthew Luks, IT Coordinator, Enware

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Ascend 7 seeks enduring relationships with our clients, so we provide a wide range of support services that will help make your business successful, month after month, year after year.