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Get FREE Digital Marketing* by referring a new client to Ascend 7

Please complete the following form and we will contact the referral about their Digital Marketing or Digital Transformation needs.

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Referral Sent

* Conditions

  • Three (3) Months FREE Digital Marketing will be provided once the referral project has commenced and the first instalment fully paid by the referral client.
  • The referral project must include billing $3000 or over ex GST.
  • During the Three (3) Months FREE Digital Marketing, Ascend 7 will:
    • undertake keyword research and marketing analysis
    • provide one (1) hour total of social media, blog and website updates weekly
    • provide a monthly Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) report and undertake improvements to your site
  • Referral must be for a new Ascend 7 client (not an existing or past client of Ascend 7)