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Who We Are

We are more than just a digital agency. We focus on providing full Digital Transformation business partner services, because we know that we are very good at working with businesses to get the most from their investment in technology.

Rox Dawson


Rox has been helping organisations streamline processes and utilise online technologies for more than 20 years.  It wasn't called "digital transformation" way back when he started but he has been transforming organisations using digital technologies for most of this time.

Rox has a formal background in Information Technology with a BSc from UWA and is a Senior Member of the Australian Computer Society (ACS), the professional association for Australia's ICT sector.

Through a broad range of roles in organisations big and small, and long term experience consulting both in Australia and overseas, Rox understands ensuring that organisations need solutions that effectively utilise people, process and technology to achieve organisation strategic goals.

Carolyn Combes

Marketing Manager

Carolyn is our words-person who specialises in creating quality content, researching topics, developing marketing campaigns, and looking into web analytics and search engine optimisation reports. She particularly enjoys proofreading and editing existing content. She is passionate about eliminating the overuse of capital letters and increasing the use of punctuation especially the rarely used apostrophe and the under-used comma.

Carolyn has been a marketing communications specialist for nearly 30 years and has worked with Rox Dawson in a number of businesses for nearly half of that! When she's not working, Carolyn negotiates her home life around two teenage boys, her husband, the cat, and the chickens. She loves spending time pottering in the shady parts of her garden and still plays "slowed-down-due-to-old-age" hockey and floorball.

Michelle Gooch

Business Development Manager


Chaya Ahern-Mansor

Project Coordinator

Chaya is our Project Coordinator, acting as client liaison for projects and handling project tasks and activities. She has qualifications in Commerce, Computer Science and currently pursuing a Master’s of Business Information and Logistic Systems. Her background in IT and Commerce gives her valuable technical and management skills to evaluate our client’s problems and deliver business solutions.

Rachel Osborne

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Rachel is our Sales and Marketing Coordinator with formal qualifications in Commerce, Marketing, Public Relations, Digital and Social Media Marketing. These qualifications and industry experience gives her a valuable balance of technical, creative, and business management skills. Today, she is responsible for Ascend 7's marketing operations and working directly with our clients in the social media and marketing department. 

Dan Maitland

Software Developer Coordinator

Daniel is a junior developer for Ascend 7. He is responsible for the designing, creating, and testing of new software applications, such as websites and cloud computing technologies like serverless code. He enjoys using the skills he gained in university to solve real world technical problems.

Utari Mijayanti

Marketing Coordinator

Utari is our Marketing Coordinator with a background in Commerce, specialising in Marketing and Management. She is responsible for creating, managing, and executing online marketing campaigns and collateral and managing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data. Utari enjoys researching topics, creating engaging blog content, supporting Ascend 7 clients' social media marketing and websites, and ensuring we deliver high-quality content and service.