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Painless Product Information Management

Build an accurate, always-available product repository with effortless Product Information Management (PIM).



Ascend 7 is Sales Layer's only WA Partner

Over more than 10 years working with businesses on their eCommerce sites we have constantly seen a need for easier and better management and sharing of product, brand and other related information.

That's why we love the Sales Layer PIM, especially the way it empowers people and partners with timely product information.  

Information on every product. In the hands of every person who needs it.

With a Sales Layer PIM, businesses take control of their catalogs - and get more value from them with a next generation PIM.

Sales Layer turns a business with an online shop into an truly online business by giving them both a sales team that makes sales and a marketing team that does marketing. 

When people can focus on their roles, they deliver the performance that fuels business growth.  

But every minute they spend searching for up-to-date product information and media, steals time from the things that really count. 

Worse, the information they eventually find is rarely accurate, up-to-date and complete. And, when something needs to change, get ready to waste even more time.

With a Sales Layer PIM, businesses take control of their catalog with an easy-to-use platform that puts all their product information in one place.