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How Can a PIM Help My Team?

If you're wondering how a Product Information Management (PIM) system could benefit your business, then read on.

Product Information Management

Marketing & Sales Teams

Marketers and sales teams understand that consistent and accurate technical product information and well-supported branding is vital to success sales efforts. A PIM ensures that all selling touchpoints have access to the most accurate and latest versions for every product.

Retailers & Brand Managers

Consistent branding is vital to boost sales and reach. A system that oversees all product information and syncs it across multiple platforms makes work easy for those operating across omni-channels. With a PIM, retailers are able to automate product updates for customers and strengthen relationships with suppliers.

Data Governance Teams

To maintain quality and uniform compliance requirements, a PIM ensures data governance teams can control access to product attributes, oversee all modifications, and receive real-time reports about the quality of their product data.

Importers, Distributors & Wholesalers

Importers, distributors and wholesalers deal with suppliers' product information from all over the world, often in multiple languages, and from varying quality. To help make sense of the product data, a PIM becomes the "one source of truth", which reduces the time-to-market of products and increases revenue.

Still not convinced?

Is your business facing any of these challenges?

More channels cause more problems

As your business grows and you sell your products across more channels like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, or a new distribution channel, are you finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with data inconsistencies on each platform?

Conversion rates are lower than expected

Disorganised product data can negatively impact your customers' shopping experience and ultimately result in abandoned carts. If your business is encountering more abandoned carts than anticipated, it's time for a PIM.

Data management is causing headaches

Do you constantly ask yourself, "How do I know what product information has been updated?" or "Which version is the most correct?". A PIM solution can resolve this confusion by creating one source of truth. All team members can access and relay product information so you'll know it is accurate and up-to-date.

You’re processing too many product returns

Are you processing too many product returns because customers were confused by its description? Implementing a PIM system gives you greater control over product data quality, making it easier to publish comprehensive descriptions and source information.

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