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Farewell old friend

August 10, 2021

Ascend 7 ends Business Catalyst journey

After more than 10 years, it is time to say goodbye to Business Catalyst (BC) or as we tried to market it for a while, A7CMS....
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New Look Paint & Paper

August 6, 2021
New Look Paint and Paper is one of our last clients to switch over from Business Catalyst to RocketSpark - welcome to your new platform! We love the fab new looks for both the website, and in the residential and commercial photo galleries. See their site at: https:...
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Congratulations to our new clients at Care Pathways WA with the launch of their new website. Care Pathways WA guides families to transition loved ones through the aged care system. They evaluate their client's unique aged care needs and provide services to hel...
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Adobe's Business Catalyst system was a great platform for meeting small and medium business online  needs, but Adobe has discontinued the platform and slowly wound down support.  Ascend 7 has been working hard over the last 12 months in particular to migrate o...
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RocketSpark have updated the Grid Gallery to add some great new functionality.  With the new Grid Gallery you can do more with text, links and buttons.Learn more about how to use the new Grid Gallery here...
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Website in 2 days

Cherish from Freedom Fairies needed a new website to help her launch her revamped business in response to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19.  Ascend 7 only had 2 days to create a new design and upload considerable amounts of content. Up for the challenge, we succe...
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We are proud to be awarded Silver Partner status by RocketSpark.With over 20 site built using the excellent platform, we know exactly how to ensure our clients get a great looking, easy to maintain and highly effective website for their business. ...
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