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Check out our latest Case Study that details how we have helped one of our long term clients navigate these tricky times through implementation of a Product Information Management (PIM) system....
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PIM (Product Information Management) systems help companies to centralize all their content, improve it, and share it more quickly – distributing it over all the channels of a complex strategy, like printed catalogues, online shops, and marketplaces. There are so many chan...
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Ascend7 are very excited to become SalesLayer's first Australian partner, further reinforcing our focus on Product Information Management (PIM) systems. We love how easy SalesLayer is to use and the value it adds to businesses struggling to manage all the data, information a...
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If you have a range of products from a number of suppliers, and you are just discovering how difficult it is to keep on top of supplier updates, brochure reprints, website content, and pricing lists, you are not alone. There are many businesses (of all sizes!) throughout Aus...
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