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AI-powered CRM solutions

See what the future of selling looks like in an increasingly digital market.

Data gathered for LinkedIn’s 2022 State of Sales report shows that the actions of top performing sellers are paving a better pathway to selling the way buyers want to buy. Top performers use technology, yes, but they don’t use it to simply knock on more doors. Instead they use it to knock on the right doors, finding the welcoming buyers and delivering the right message at the right time.

AI-powered CRM solutions - like Microsoft's Dynamics 365 - can help solve common challenges that impact your ability to be more informed about your buyers and revolutionise your ability to close more deals efficiently.

LinkedIn 2022 State of Sales report
6 illuminating stats reveal the future of selling

#1 Remote working enables sales:

Over two thirds of buyers (68%) say remote working has made purchasing decisions easier.

#2 Top performing salespeople do more research:

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of top performers say they “always” perform research before reaching out to prospects (compared to just 50% for other sellers).

#3 Keeping tabs on your buyers is crucial:

The overwhelming majority of sellers (81%) say they have had deals lost or stalled in the past 12 months due to a key stakeholder leaving a client or prospect company.

#4 Virtual selling is here to stay:

A significant percent (30%) of sellers closing deals over $500K without ever meeting the buyer face to face.

#5 Dirty Data is a huge problem:

Almost half of sellers (47%) say their biggest data challenge is incomplete data.

#6 Warm outreach is key to engaging buyers:

Only 23%of buyers prefer cold calls as an outreach method.

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