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Enhanced user experience features

Rocketspark features

Rocketspark is always looking at ways to improve the platform to sharpen the user’s experience and make content updates quick and easy.  The latest new features now available on the Rocketspark platform are:   

Stack hide & show - Being able to hide particular stack designs on your live website enables you to privately craft a stack on your page before revealing it to your site visitors. Once you've completed your edits, you can effortlessly make it visible to the public with just a single click! 

Stack hide & show

In stack slider - Sliders were previously only available in the top feature area, however now they are available to be used in any content area of the site.  Sliders are great way to transform sections of a website, containing text and/or images, into a dynamic slideshow with distinct content on each slide. Visitors can navigate through the slides by clicking the next/previous arrows or set it to advance automatically on a timer. 

Slider feature

Accordions - These elegant and contemporary elements offer an effortless solution for organising extensive website content. Accordions offer a simple, intuitive way for visitors to expand or collapse specific sections, ensuring that even extensive information remains easily accessible and visually appealing.  Furthermore, Accordions are fantastic on mobile devices, delivering it in a user-friendly manner on smaller screens.  If you would like to try adding an accordion to your site, check out this quick 4 minute add/edit an accordion video.   

Accordion feature

With these new features and Rocketspark's commitment to improving functionality and design, it demonstrates how the platform continues to provide an optimal digital marketing tool to grow and promote your business.  We have a small team of talented designers who can help add these features to your site, contact us today - 1300 211 127