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Help! Our website isn’t performing!

It's time for a website refresh, and maybe migration to a better platform

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We have clients come to us because their staff aren’t able to keep the company website working properly – it’s getting too hard to make changes, it takes too long, they keep breaking things on the site, they’re not technical enough. No wonder some websites are really out of date, and as a result performing badly in the search engines.

Another major reason why clients come to us is because they want to move away from Wordpress… often for the reasons above, and mostly because Wordpress was never designed to be a web platform, despite all those amazing modules out there for it. It is actually a blogging site but people have been talked into using it as their business web platform, and ultimately, it doesn’t stand up.

That’s why we recommend Rocketspark… but that’s a whole other story (see ). Because Rocketspark is so easy to start, maintain, and best of all, grow with your business. It can be DIY from the start, or set up by an agency like us and managed by you.

But let’s get back to what happens when we’re approached by a business looking to improve their website performance.

The first thing we do is conduct a SEO audit on the site. This comes in the form of a PDF report and outlines technical issues, and makes recommendations on what could be done to improve the site performance (you can request our free SEO audit report here – see “Search Engine Optimisation”

There are several activities that can be done to better optimise your site for improved performance. These can include:

  1. Checking software is up-to-date and hosting plan is providing best service for you

  2. Optimising images – compressing them, resizing them, and using the appropriate image format.

  3. Fixing up site templates and structure – minimising HTTP requests and page redirects, optimising CSS, JavaScript and fonts, review caching and server response times

But one of the best ways to improve website performance over time is to regularly monitor it. With a monthly report generated by a monitoring tool (such as WebCEO), you can review all aspects of the site’s performance including traffic, technical issues, social media engagements, local area marketing, keyword performance and more. It is definitely a must for businesses wishing to take their website to the next level.

Ask us how.