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Importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine Optimisation (SEO)

Business websites, blogs and social media sites (online business assets) all need one thing - visitors.

It is critical for online business assets to reach the right target audience and keep them coming back.  SEO is the technique used to structure and populate online assets so that they are visible to search engines and rank highly for the desired keywords or search terms.  Being visible and ranking highly results in more traffic and reach.

What we do at Ascend 7

Ascend 7 works closely with its SEO clients to ensure there are no technical issues with their online presence, that the structure is optimised to the requirements of the targeted search engines and that the content is fresh, appropriate and utilises the right keywords to attract and retain the targeted audience.

We audit sites periodically to measure improvements and identify new issues and opportunities.  For some clients we manage all of the content and updates (including on social media and other online locations) and for others we just look after the technical aspects and make content recommendations for our clients to follow.

Why bother?

The primary reason for bothering with SEO is that modern business is reliant on the performance of online assets, with most product and service research starting with search engine or social media searches. 

When we do competitor research for our SEO clients we always see highly successful competitors that are very active in their SEO efforts. Sometimes competitors have done nothing since creating their websites.  Irrespective of the competitors efforts, by being active with your SEO, opportunities for your business will increase by taking business away from your competitors.