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Storing Survey Data in Australia

Where is your survey data stored?

Many businesses use online surveys to collect information about their staff, customers and the general public.

Very few consider what information they are actually collecting, what legal requirements there are on the collection of the information or where that information is stored.

We see in the news all the time about data breaches, privacy issues, cyber crime, abuse of data by foreign governments and more where private information about individuals is mishandled or misused, sometimes resulting is dire impacts on that individual.

If you are considering running a staff or client survey using one of the many common tools, be very careful.  

Often the data is stored outside Australia which may be in breach of State or Commonwealth laws (depending on the information collected) and how you handle the information after collection is very important too.  Emailing an Excel spreadsheet of the collected data may not provide appropriate security or privacy!

Ascend 7 has worked on numerous projects, big and small, collecting, processing, analysing and managing sensitive data and we are able to build secure survey systems that store data in Australia and facilitate safe and effective management and integration with other systems.