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Writing Great Product Copy

Great Product Copy (the words that describe your products) is critical to the success of any online shop or ecommerce channel.  

There are various reasons why you should put some effort into your product copy, which include:

  • attracting visitors to the product page through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and use of effective keywords
  • convincing prospective purchasers that they need the product
  • assisting them to select the correct product
  • reducing the offline selection support they require
  • ensure the sale goes ahead

Shopify recently had a great blog on this topic that I recommend you read if you are trying to sell your products via various ecommerce channels:

9 Simple Ways To Write Product Descriptions That Sell

One thing they didn't mention, that experience has shown us at Ascend 7, is to also include what the product isn't suitable for.  You may ask why you would mention this as it may prevent a sale.  Well, by providing what it isn't suitable for, you engender trust and ensure the customer doesn't buy a product that isn't suited for what they require. This can work very effectively with cross-selling other products that may be similar but have different usage.

Ascend 7 are Shopify Partners so ask us how we can get your online shop up and going fast and how we support you developing your online business.

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Three Colts have also written great article about product descriptions -  10 ways to write product descriptions that sell