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Business Catalyst Shutdown

Adobe's Business Catalyst system was a great platform for meeting small and medium business online  needs, but Adobe has discontinued the platform and slowly wound down support.  Ascend 7 has been working hard over the last 12 months in particular to migrate our old Business Catalyst clients to alternate systems like RocketSpark, SiteGlide and Shopify.

During December we encountered the largest and most serious indication (payments unable to be made with valid credit card information) that Adobe are not committed to ensuring our customers receive the level of support Ascend 7 are happy to provide. 

The after sales support we provide our clients is very important to us and unfortunately due to reasons beyond our control we can't gaurantee any level of service with respect to Business Catalyst.  

As such we have had to make the decision to stop supporting the Business Catalyst platform after 31 Dec 2020.

We also strongly recommend that all our clients still using Business Catalyst start migrating to an alternate platform As Soon As Possible!

Please contact us on 1300 211 127 (or email) us  at before we close for the holiday break to initiate your migration for alternative services to be organised; or contact another provider to initiate alternative services to be organised. 

Once again, please accept our sincere apologies for this and other emails about Business Catalyst and for the short time you have to take action.  Business Catalyst has been a great platform for more than 10 years and in many ways we miss its advanced functionality and all-in-one nature, but it is no longer suitable for providing a stable and reliable online presence for your organisation.