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FASSTA website goes live

FASSTA Website goes live

Over the last 12 months, the Ascend 7 team has helped develop and implement the FASSTA Digital Marketing plan.

The Ascend 7 team has been working with Tony Brockhurst and his team at FASSTA (formerly Accounts Flow) over the last 12 months to develop and implement the FASSTA Digital Marketing plan. FASSTA is a leading solutions provider for accounting and software services in the hospitality, liquor and food industries. 

FASSTA has a range of new innovative products designed specifically for these industries and called upon Ascend 7 to help get these to market - the first of which is FASSTA PAY, a B2B payment solution enabling the use of credit cards to pay invoices between suppliers and retailers. It has been a whole of team project and one which has been challenging, rewarding, and exciting for Ascend 7. Here's how we have assisted FASSTA:

  • branding - our team created the logo family design for FASSTA and all its products
  • customers - we mapped customer journeys, and investigated and developed personas for potential FASSTA clients to help with our understanding of target markets
  • website - our team built the website including style, images, words, forms, and workflows
  • CRM - FASSTA is using Agile CRM to manage its customer contacts and details. Ascend 7 has configured the CRM, created email campaigns including newsletter/EDM templates, and mapped and created workflows to track customer contact and response
  • Help desk ticketing system - we have provided the infrastructure for a ticket management system, knowledge base, and FAQ
  • marketing - we have created introductory videos, marketing plans, social media plans, launched social media activity on the various platforms, and commenced the liaison with key industry associations including advertising, advertorial and membership marketing
  • project management - we coordinated the liaison with key partners in the launch (including Eway and industry associations) and managed the work of all team members using an agile approach.  

"The Ascend 7 team has been excited to work with FASSTA and Eway on the FASSTA PAY project over the last 12 months. The technology will be transformational for #B2B's that want to streamline their payments and get paid faster," Rox Dawson said.

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