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A "managed service" bundle is the way to let us help you over the year

Bundle services

A managed service bundle is great way to spread the cost of either building your website/new system, or supporting the marketing and updating of your site over 12 months.

Ascend7 can tailor a managed service bundle to suit your business needs - it can include any, and more, of these elements (costs spread across 12 months):

  • domain - setup
  • domain - renewal
  • website - build
  • website - annual host
  • social media - setup
  • social media - Hootsuite management
  • digital marketing 
  • email campaigns (newsletters)
  • SEO and analytics (WebCEO) - setup
  • SEO and analytics (WebCEO) - hosting
  • SEO and analytics (WebCEO) - reporting
  • Microsoft 365 management
  • Agile CRM management
  • PIM creation
  • Freshdesk management
  • Graphic design

If you'd like to smooth out the costs for work done by Ascend7 on your website or system, then ask us about a managed service bundle.